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GRAVELY Compact-Pro 44"

GRAVELY Compact-Pro 44"

Obstacles in your backyard are no match, as this unit nimbly manoeuvres through gates and around trees. The Compact-Pro will be your new favourite, giving your lawn the fresh cut you’ve been searching for!

Powered by a Kawasaki FX Engine, your unit is optimised for all conditions. This high-quality unit touts a heavy-duty canister air cleaner to extend engine life. This unit also features a 27.1 litre fuel tank to ensure you can spend hours outside giving your lawn some much-needed TLC.

This unit is packed with:

  • Fuel Tank Design for increased stability and improved machine handling and visibility
  • Smaller Footprint allows this unit to easily pass through gates as narrow as 36 inches and nimbly manoeuvres around common residential obstacles
  • Powered by a Kawasaki FX Engine that touts heavy-duty canister air cleaner to optimise performance in all conditions and extend engine life
  • 19hp Kawasaki FX600 V-Twin Engine


Engine: Kawasaki FX600V - Engine Rating: 19 HP/603 CC - Fuel Capacity: 27.1L - Ground Speed: 11.3/4.8 km/h




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