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GRAVELY Pro-Stance 52"

GRAVELY Pro-Stance 52"

The Pro-Stance 52″ is just what you’ve been searching for. It allows for all-day comfort combined with high-quality cuts and increased durability. The dual height adjustment system was designed with both a traditional hand lever and a foot lever to lift and adjust the deck, perfect for smaller operators that may struggle with hand lever lifts.

Step up to greatness with this legendary unit. The ZT-3400 integrated transmission boasts an industry leading 1.125 inch axle that can take on the heaviest of loads. Its new look is constructed from 7-gauge steel that will deliver years of solid, Gravely performance.


Engine: Kawasaki® FX730V - Engine Rating: 23.5 HP/726 CC - Fuel Capacity: 33.9L - Ground Speed: 14.4/6.4 km/h




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