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SOLO SPRAYERS 9 Litre Manual Pressure Sprayer

SOLO SPRAYERS 9 Litre Manual Pressure Sprayer


Application: Plant protection in larger private gardens, decorative plants, shrubs and plantations and weed control. Can also be used for cleaning applications like janitorial disinfection, pest control and trade applications.

A 340 cm pump generates a working pressure of 3 bar after astonishingly few strokes. The sprayers are extremely robust, easy to use and cleaning is straightforward. They have the reputation as being No.1 sprayers in the Australian market. The current fill level of spray medium can be checked easily and directly on the tank. These models possess some premium quality features such as spray wand over 50 cm long, robust handles with an optional pressure gauge and a selection of spray nozzles. UV-resistant plastics promise robustness and a long service life for these sprayers. The thick wall makes the tank almost indestructible.


Professional - Tank Capacity: 7.0L




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