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SOLO SPRAYERS 15 Litre Backpack Sprayer


No. 1 backpack sprayer used by city councils, contract gardeners, nurseries and rural farmers.










JACTO 16L JACTO PJB-16 Lithium Ion Backpack Sprayer


We introduce the JACTO PJB battery knapsack sprayer for professional use. With a removable battery, cushioned straps and 5 levels of constant pressure PJB stands as the best in its category.




JACTO 16L PJB-16C Lithium Ion Backpack Sprayer


The JACTO PJBc line is ideal for spraying gardens, vegetable gardens and for other light spraying needs.







JACTO 12L XP-12 Backpack Sprayer


JACTO’s lightest and most ergonomic backpack sprayer delivers high performance with less effort and fatigue for the operator.







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